What is Hygee and How Can it Make You Happy?

Last month while Christmas shopping I splurged on the softest blanket I had ever felt. I imagined myself curled on the sofa covered in this wonderful blanket reading on quiet winter evenings. I also bought myself quite a lot of new books. One for me, one for them as I Christmas shopped. And then I made a trip to Ikea to update my supply of candles.

Unknowingly I seemed to have been preparing to hygee, a concept I had only recently been introduced to. Hygee is a Danish word that translates loosely to “cozy.” It’s a lifestyle that focus on intimate settings, candles, blankets, feeling relaxed at home either alone or with a small group of friends and family, surrounding yourself with books (reading or coloring), and being kind to yourself. Think of it as the ultimate cocooning during winter. Hygee must have some merit because the Danes are tied with the Swiss for being the happiest people. Coincidentally, this weekend the New York Times featured an article on hygee as it slowly spreads to this country.

I encourage you to join me in thinking of ways that you can embrace hygee this winter season. What can you do to relax, slow down, and cocoon? Remember, winter is a season for planning and dreaming versus doing. It’s a quiet, introspective time; a time of seeming darkness where internal light shines.

For me, I’m going to continue planning the launch of my book on pilgrimage that’s about to be delivered to the publisher, I’m going to gather with friends and family to celebrate the season and the new year. I’m going to slow down after the rush of holiday baking and shopping, sit on the sofa, cover myself in that blanket, and read, read, read. Next on my reading list is The Year of Living Danishly to get some hints from those happy people on how to live!

As we close out December may you be warmed by the love of friends and family. I wish you quiet, peaceful, candlelit nights for dreaming. See you on the flip side!




P.S. The book in the photo is Roots and Sky: A Journey Home in Four Seasons by Christie Purifoy, a writer based in Pennsylvania. I highly recommend it.

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