A Little Goes a Long Way

A little goes a long way.

A little word of encouragement to help someone get through the day.

A kind glance to let someone know they are seen.

A small gesture to let someone know they are not navigating this world alone.

A short note to tell someone that you remember.

A bit of forgiveness when someone acts in a less than kind way.

A pause of gratitude for the small things in life that we tend to overlook.

A word of thanks to the person who loves you on days when you are a bit challenging to even like.

A little rest when you are weary.

A quick hug for yourself because you really are trying so hard.

During this time of year when gratitude and thankfulness take center stage, take a little time to do your part to move the world closer to healing and peace; the world that is comprised of individuals. When you help one person you create a ripple effect that helps many.

Because as Ram Dass reminds us, we’re all just walking each other home.

As we close out November I wish for you an abundance of good health, happiness, and love.



Anne Greco Life Coaching

P.S. The photo is of my husband, Martin, walking his Auntie Florence back home in their hometown of Hoyland Common in Yorkshire, England.


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