Welcome Winter!

I’m writing to you in a sweatshirt, yoga pants, and my thickest socks. The house is quiet after the holiday. Candlelight flickers and music plays softly.

I’m sitting on the sofa, surrounded by pillows, laptop propped on top of a blanket that drapes my knees.

I haven’t left the house all day except to walk around the yard. I’m tired and I promised myself that I would “do” nothing today. That didn’t mean it was a wasted day.

I sat at my favorite spot in front of a large window and wrote, making some finishing touches on a book I am writing on pilgrimages I’ve taken.

I read. I ate leftovers and, of course, Christmas cookies.

I went slow the whole day. I gave my body what it asked for – and that was rest.

It’s also what this new season of Winter encourages.

Nature isn’t linear; it’s cyclical and each season brings forth its own unique changes and beauty.

Winter is a period of reflection and quiet. It’s a time to turn inward with a focus on intuition and one’s inner wisdom. Days may seem short and dark but the winter solstice brings the promise of more light. It’s at this time when our inner light shines most bright.

Winter asks us to slow down and rest deep in preparation for the coming of new life in the spring.

Winter encourages us to notice more, feel more and become more aware. When we  come from a place of paying attention to our lives, our actions, and our desires we plant the seeds for what we want to bring forth in the coming year.

True change begins at unseen levels, like the seeds and bulbs planted deep into the earth. We nourish the seeds and trust that they will burst forth in their own time.

The winter landscape may seem barren but nature’s work is being done below the surface.  And so it is with us during this season. We set intentions, create vision boards, and make resolutions for the new year.

Embrace the season. Fall back into the comfort of a sofa, cover yourself with a blanket, sip some hot tea or make a hearty stew.

And then pull out a seed catalog, a journal or some glue sticks to create a vision board. Dream, think big, turn a new page on the calendar and make your mark on the coming year!

If you’re in the South Jersey area I invite you to join me for a series of workshops I’ll be conducting at the Moorestown Library beginning on Monday, January 13 with an introduction to the Law of Attraction. Over the next three months we’ll be meeting for some quiet reflection and then hearty discussions and exercises on creating affirmations, visualization, vision boards and de-cluttering.

More information and the link to sign up for the workshops can be found on my website, annegrecolifecoaching.com.

Welcome Winter!

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