The deep roots never doubt Spring will come.

                                                Marty Rubin

Of course I expect spring to come every year. We all do, don’t we?

 I don’t doubt the coming of spring as I plant daffodil and tulip bulbs in the September dirt. I dig small holes, push away the dark, moist earth, and gently place the bulbs into their beds. I sprinkle them with water and a generous dose of optimism. I pat the earth one last time, a final tuck-in, calling over my shoulder, “See you in March!” And I don’t doubt that I will.

 I don’t doubt the coming of spring as I see leaves which have turned into reds and oranges loosen their grip on the tree branches and cascade down, twirling like brilliant ballerinas in October, forming a patchwork quilt on the daffodil and tulip beds.

 I don’t doubt that what I planted will bloom and grow; no, not in the season in which I planted, but sometime – the spring time. I expect to see bold yellow bonneted daffodils, golden petal daffodils with an orange trumpet, pure white daffodils, and split cup daffodils white, orange and yellow, and pink tulips.

 I don’t doubt the coming of spring as I sit at the window, watching a January snow blanket the earth. I trust that the daffodil and tulip bulbs I planted are still there, under the soil, even though I can’t see them, believing that they will slowly but surely work their way to the surface. I know that when it’s time they will burst forth with the most magnificent colors. I know that what I planted will grow.

 My wish to you on this first day of spring is that you trust that what you planted will grow. Release your grip on determining when, trust that in due time, at the right time, things will burst forth in color and glory.

 Look down at the tiny green shoots of daffodils, tulips, and hosta determinedly breaking through the winter-hardened dirt to take their rightful place in the garden.

Remember that that which you planted, and then left to grow in faith, giving a little time and space to the process, can do nothing except grow. It’s the law of nature.

Enjoy spring. Enjoy reaping what you planted. Winter does eventually lose its grip. Here comes the sun!








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