I am not hormonal. But sometimes a little thing in the day just makes my heart swell. At such times I hold that moment and say a prayer of gratitude.

Something like that just happened. It was really so mundane. What was said was not profound, what activity had just taken place was common but I felt so blessed for having experienced it.

Curious? Well, you’ll probably be disappointed. I was sitting on the couch reading an interview with Elizabeth Gilbert, enjoying my spring break. The house was quiet; it was mid-afternoon on an unseasonably warm March day.

My daughter came into the house to grab something before she went to work. She showed me her new manicure, told me that her boyfriend had replaced her burnt out car headlight, and then dashed out the door.

Her smile was infectious. These simple things had brought her joy. And she in turn brought me joy.

We’ve been having some challenging times in my house lately and in this moment of peace I felt a calm settle over me.

“Everything will be okay,” a voice inside my head promised. “All is well.”

And I believe it. Right now we’re traveling over a bumpy road as a family but the bumps will soon smooth out. All in all everything is great. More than great, it’s perfect, even with the bumps.

I made a point of being home this afternoon at this time of the day because I love how the light streams in through the lace curtains in my family room. I rarely get to sit in this room at this time of the day.

The sun didn’t disappoint (it never does). The light is filtering in, creating a sunny spot on the love seat that I’m about to jump into to finish reading the article.

As I look out the window I can see the bluest sky with a few white wisps of clouds. The evergreens are providing a bit of color to the otherwise barren landscape.

I am blessed. I am grateful. Everything is well.

I’d love to hear what small things bring you joy! 

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